Tuning and Repair Service

tuningPiano Tuning in Gloucestershire.

Why does a piano need tuning?

In general, a piano requires regular tuning whether or not it is played. The ever-changing levels of heat and humidity in the average sitting room will cause a piano’s structural components and strings to expand and contract at varying rates. Over time this will result in the tension of the strings changing and resulting in an out of tune piano. Tuning twice annually can compensate for this, and is essential to maintain the piano’s correct pitch. An experienced tuner can not only restore optimum tuning, but by equalising the tension in different sections of the strings can maximise the piano’s stability.

Regular tuning also gives the tuner the opportunity to monitor the ongoing condition of the instrument, and can provide a valuable early-warning for signs of deterioration caused by atmospheric and environmental conditions, vermin and insect attack. Moth attack appears to be on the increase and can destroy the felt in a piano rapidly. I inspect for signs of insect infestation at every tuning.

Piano Tuning

I specialise first and foremost in the tuning and on-site repairs to acoustic pianos. I was trained to tune in the traditional manner by ear without assistance from Electronic Tuning Devices (ETD) and have done so exclusively until very recently, but technological advancement has made these devices very viable, and they are ideal for some situations, especially where there is ambient noise such as on-stage, or when tuning two pianos together to the same pitch. I am fully acquainted in their use and operation, and some clients actually request their use.

Most of my workload is made up of tuning in the home for amateur and professional musicians, contract work for schools and colleges. The remainder is concert preparation and tuning. I tune for most of the major independent schools in Gloucestershire and the University of Gloucestershire. I also carry out installation tuning of new instruments for a number of dealers and also undertake warranty work for dealers and manufacturers alike.

I cover the whole of the Cotswold area, and travel into the surrounding counties of Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and South Glos. I operate a fixed-price policy based on distance travelled with no hidden costs. Please call for details of charges in your area. Mobile is best. 07711 574509.

I accept most methods of payment including credit/debit cards, BACS and traditional cheques!

Piano Repair

I am pleased to estimate for any repair, however small, up to a full rebuild. Small repairs can often be carried out on the road, and I carry a good stock of materials and specialist tools to reduce the need for transportation of items to and from the workshop.

For larger repairs or restoration I always give a firm quote and also a good guide to the piano’s realistic value before and after the repair based on a thorough knowledge of the market. The cost is transparent and broken down into restoration costs for action, frame and stringing, damper mechanism and cosmetic work as appropriate. If I feel that the repair is best suited to another specialist, I will arrange for them to quote directly rather than subcontract work so the client is offered the best possible value with no additional mark-up. All of the workshops that I recommend are in England, and where possible local. There is a growing trend of piano restoration being subcontracted to Eastern European workshops; a practice which can be less than satisfactory, especially if a defect needs to be rectified at a later date, and undermines British industry.

Piano Removals

I work with several teams of professional piano removal specialists to suit all budgets. A good team makes piano removals look easy. It’s not. Don’t be tempted to move one yourself. All removal companies that I recommend are fully insured. Call for details on (01242) 574509.